City-states along to the Straight of Hot Winds
Populated by Men and merchants from Onoghi, the six city-states of Kaisus each sit on the deltas of the many torrents flowing down Fanuidol.


A thin strip of land lies between the windy, hot seas of Bheru and the swiftly rising slopes of the Fanuidol.
East to west the six main rivers flowing down Fanuidol, and the cities straddling their deltas are

  1. ruddy Blenn with the stilt-town of Konkho,
  2. shining Diasun on the rocky banks & islets of Gell the Golden,
  3. murky green Taal, where mangroves give way to the fenland of Pen (pantanal) and stilted Arod,
  4. Madhro shining brilliantly blue, as it winds through the mangroves; Loke sits atop the headleands.
  5. In the densest part of the mangroves flow purple Suordo,
  6. black Moro, holding the Twin Cities of Skai & Skot on islands in their mouths.
    Each of the rivers is named for the colour of its torrents, washing down mud from the high peaks. Springing forth on the snow-capped peaks of the Cloudheads, they rush down the high altitutudes and through the cloud forests. The coloured waters of the rivers flow into the Mangroves that line the shores, creating a complex labyrith of channels, mud-banks and brackish estuaries.

Kaisus is hot and humid, though frequent rains bring some respite. During the first three months of the year, winds blow mainly from the East over the Great Ocean, cooling down the weather, but once they turn West, the Straight and Land live up to their name.


The high mountains are covered with cload forest, but closer to the shore dense Jungle prevails. Mangroves and fens dominate the coastline, but in some places mud-banks have turned to tussuck covered dunes.


Eagles and Azhidars that soar from sea to peak. Rock goats, panthers, monkeys and apes, small deer, snakes and monitors of all sizes, giant centipedes, frogs and salamanders, trout in the rivers, sea crocodiles, dolphins and porpoises, schools of fish, and the rumored mangrove beasts.—



Trade (metals-work from )
Terrace-plantations (citrus, coffee)


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